The SHILLcoin-HODLcoin Interconnected Token Ecosystem

A Smart Contract-Based Economic Simulation and Game

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What is it?

The SHILL-HODL Interconnected Token Ecosystem (SHITE) is a smart contract-based artificial economy and autonomous game built on the Ethereum blockchain.

SHITE has two native tokens - SHILLcoin and HODLcoin. At any time, players can buy, sell, exchange, or transfer either token.

The contracts themselves provide constant markets for both SHILLcoin and HODLcoin, algorithmically setting the price of their token to match demand.

Each transaction charges a variable fee; fees paid by one contract accumulate in the Slush Fund of the other contract. Holders of each token are provided access to the Slush Fund, with control over incoming funds proportional to the share of tokens that they own.

Rewards earned by holding tokens provide access to the Slush Fund and can be spent at any time. Players can spend their rewards to either Double Down, netting themselves more tokens and a greater share of future rewards in turn, or Cash Out to receive cold, hard Ether.

The current size of a contract's Slush Fund determines the rate at which the contract charges transaction fees. The fee rate charged increases slowly as Ether accumulates in the Slush Fund, but resets to its minimum once the Slush Fund balance exceeds the economic cycle size. As the Slush Fund balance increases further, this cycle repeats over and over. When the Slush Fund balance decreases, this process is reversed. Thus, every action taken in SHITE - including spending rewards - shifts the fee rate charged by at least one of the smart contracts. By exploiting this mechanism, savvy players of SHITE can actively manipulate the automated markets generated by SHITE's smart contracts.

SHILLcoin is built to have faster cycles of activity, rewarding shills who effectively influence the market sentiment. HODLcoin, on the other hand, is balanced to encourage slower but wilder swings, rewarding those with strong hands and stronger convictions.

Ready to start playing?

Then head over to the Play Page to try out our UI. Please note that a Web3-enabled browser (e.g. MetaMask or Mist) is required for this functionality.

Want to learn more?

You can take a look at the FAQ or read the White Paper.

Want to read the smart contracts?

They are are available here and here.

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